Retro Technology

Retro is a proprietary technology developed by Measure Protocol. The Measure Network is a community of individuals using the MSR app which permits them to build a data asset which can be shared in return for rewards. The core technology provides individuals custody and control over their data and establishes an ecosystem where individuals are compensated fairly for access to their data. Based on the specific Retro, individuals are presented with an offer to participate, details of what's required, and what's being collected and for what level of compensation. Transparency is a key differentiator and helps build trust with our users. By focusing on a positive experience within a mobile environment, Retro provides unprecedented access to new forms of behavioral data.

Bundle multiple Retros

Each Retro provides a unique set of data points and attributes for deep insights. If you have specific needs that span a number of Retros, we can bundle these into a comprehensive data set which can be collected concurrently, or sequentially depending on your requirements. Please reach out and one of our team members will be happy to help build the perfect set of Retros based on your needs.


Pricing for Retros is based on a number of factors such as the complexity of the data task for individuals, the number of contributing individuals and duration period. Some Retros provide data for the last month, some for the entire account period across all devices. Please contact us and one of our team members will be happy to help.

Can't find what I'm looking for

If you are looking to collect data for a specific app or service that you don't see in our Storefront, please reach out to our team. We have an aggressive list of Retros in development and can also work closely with you to build a custom data collection Retro.

Can Retro provide access to iOS and Android devices?

Yes - Retro’s work across both iOS and Android mobile platforms. While there may be some subtle differences between what is available on each platform, many of the same data sources are available. Please refer to the data schemas for each Retro or contact Measure for further assistance.

Can we access behavioural data from all devices - mobile, laptop, tablet etc?

As most Retro’s relate to an account, many provide access to total interactions with that account whether it happens on the mobile, laptop/desktop, Smart TV or any other device. While data collection is accessed via the participants mobile device, one of the big advantages of Retro is that it can often access information from multiple devices.

Which markets is Retro available in?

We are currently available in the UK , US and Canada - we are expanding this in new markets soon so please let us know which markets are important to you, using the contact form (add link here) and we will add them to the international rollout plan

I have access to an existing research panel, can I run Retro on this panel?

Currently Retro is only available using the Measure community but we are developing tools for Retro to work on any sample provider and using any survey engine

How long does it take to set up a Retro project?

Retro is the fastest way to access behavioural data. In most cases, it can be set up in as little as a day

How long does it take to receive responses when in-field?

We can provide response data on a daily/ weekly/ monthly or at the end of the project basis

How is the data delivered?

Our standard output format is CSV files

Do you provide additional analysis on the data?

We can provide additional analysis on the data though this is proceed separately on a case by case basis

Can I request the Retro data over a longitudinal period?

i.e App usage over the next 12 months?

Yes - Retro is perfect for understanding trends. Just ask us about long term Retro data in our request form.

What if I want to capture something that isn’t listed in the Retros available to date?

We are in the process of adding new types of Retro as they become available, but if you can’t see what you are looking for please just send us a request and we will let you know what's possible

What’s the smallest sample size I can request?

The minimum size is behavioural data from 30 participants

Is the data anonymous?

You receive de-identified user level data. The collection of the data is consumer directed meaning they know exactly what they are sharing. Please refer to each Retros individual data schema for details on what is delivered for each Retro.

Can I run a survey alongside a Retro behavioral data collection?

Yes, we can run a custom survey to provide attitudinal and additional data for individuals who participated in your Retro project. The survey can be run prior, during or after the Retro.

Still have some questions?

Get in contact with details of your project details or questions - We are hyper responsive.
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