Home Screen (iOS)

Home Screen (iOS)

App layout & folder structure

The iOS Home Screen Retro delivers home screen app layout providing specific app placement on the primary home screen.

iOS users have messages as the third item on their dock


Based on Measures Mobile Audience

June 2021
Collection Details

Collection available in the US & UK

Collect current data or trends over time

iOS Only

Collect from your own panel or use our Retro ready panel

Custom options available

Audience Insight
have Netflix on their primary home screen


Based on Measures Mobile Audience

June 2021
Use Cases

Top ranked app in each position

Get a better understanding of folder structures/categorisation and competitive intel

Understand widget usage of target cohorts

Helps app publishers understand what real estate you occupy on an individuals device and which apps are in your proximity

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Data Schema

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Below you will see this Retro's data schema, outlining the exact data collected using our technology. All Retro purchases include the raw data format, giving you the power to cut, analyze, combine and aggregate where you see fit.

Data Schema

Example Data
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Schema is currently under review - Contact us for a preview

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We have three optional services to help you take the data to the next level.

Additional Add on - Dashboard
Top Line analysis

Top line data analysis providing overview metrics pertinent to Retro. Provided in table summary format.

Optional Add on - Custom analysis
Custom analysis

Custom data analysis based on your research objectives. Optionally provided in a table & powerpoint form based on business needs.

Additional Add on - Dashboard
Custom Dashboard

Custom dashboard for browsing and visualizing data based on specific needs.